We all know that bathrooms can hold mysterious odors, but did you know your marble could be the culprit? Do you know how to clean marble to get rid of the funk and prevent future odors? After understanding what causes marble odor, you can better attempt to fix the problem. We have some helpful do’s and don’ts on how to combat this unpleasant problem.

What Causes Marble Odor?

Marble odor is caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, or other contaminants absorbed into the natural stone- both on floors and marbled wall tiles.. Marble is especially good at cultivating bacteria because it is a porous stone. The good news is that an effective initial deep cleaning and regularly scheduled cleaning after that can eliminate the smell. The bad news is traditional cleaning methods won’t do the trick on tile or grout.

The mop is often the go-to cleaning tool for bathrooms. Unfortunately, mops don’t eliminate bacteria and can even worsen marble contamination because they essentially just spread bacteria around the floor. As soon as the mop is dipped back in the bucket, the rest of the cleaning solution is contaminated and your remaining cleaning efforts are ineffective.

However, there is still hope for cleaning your bathroom floor and wall tiles to eliminate marble odor.

What Can You Do To Eliminate Marble Odor?

Now that you know what causes marble odor and how not to address it, you’re ready for the do’s on eliminating grout odor.

One way to clean your bathroom floors involves using an acid solution and a stiff bristled brush to vigorously scrub the tile.  However, this is tedious and daily cleaning is recommended. Who has time for that? Not to mention the amount of harsh chemicals you and your bathroom will be exposed to.

New technologies and businesses that specialize in floor cleaning have made it easier and more convenient than ever to effectively remove odor-causing impurities from marble. Vacuum extraction systems use a cleaning solution and vacuum process to clean bathroom floors. The cleaning solution works to agitate soils for the vacuum.  Then, the vacuum uses water pressure in a suction dome to lift the cleaning solution, remove all contaminants, and dry the floor.

Stone Shine London have advanced soil removing technology that deep clean floors and removes marble and grout stains.  Our non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution loosens up bacteria and grime that has been ground deep into your floors.

At Stone Shine London we specialise in cleaning, sealing, and maintaining marble tile and grout.  This means cleaner floors, and healthier homes for London.