A close up on quartz Worktops & Tiles

From the wide arrays of worktops materials to choose from, selecting the perfect one for your kitchen can be a challenge! From natural stones like granite and marble, or wood and stainless steel, to engineered stones like quartz worksurfaces which has recently gained wide popularity in the kitchen tops industry. If you are thinking about adding an elegant and contemporary touch to your kitchen which is also durable and long-lasting, then quartz is the way to go.

What does an engineered quartz stone mean?

Unlike purely natural stones such as granite and marble which are extracted from the earth and cut into slabs, it is mined and then goes through a vigorous process to highlight its qualities. It is processed by binding 90% to 93% natural quartz crystals with binder resins and pigment for coloration. Blending the third strongest mineral on earth with state of the art technology results in one of the strongest and most durable tops. It is very practical, highly crack resistant and can stand very high temperature. That is why it can be used in several applications, not just kitchen work surfaces, but also wall cladding, vanity tops, floor & wall tiles, backsplashes and so on.

Dazzling quartz worktops colours and patterns that appeal to all tastes!

Another remarkable advantage of this stone is actually the main reason behind its popularity; its versatility. With natural stones, you are always bound to the natural colour and pattern; no room for customisation. But if you have a specific exotic colour in mind or you want to match or contrast your worktop with other key features of your kitchen, then you would need a more flexible material like quartz worktops which can be custom-designed and dyed to what you prefer. This stone can be customised to anything during the manufacturing process, it has a plethora of coloursalso help you add unique style and character into your kitchen.

Cleaning & Upkeep

When you are buying a new worktop for your kitchen, you are considering various factors. The most crucial one among all is the amount of maintenance it demands. Natural materials like granite or marble have some downfalls when it comes to its maintenance. The porous nature of some of these make them prone to staining.

With this work top material, you can forget about all these issues! It features a non-porous surface which makes it almost stain-free. You do not have to worry anymore about wine or coffee spills or when your kids decide to have a food fight around the kitchen! You can clean its work surface easily and effortlessly; no special detergents are needed, a simple damp rag with mild soap will do the trick! Like granite which does need resealing every year to avoid stains, this stone also does not need this kind of regular maintenance. You will have your top for life and you can keep it looking pristine with minimum cleaning and maintenance.


Quartz Treatment

If there are no significant remains of grease on the surface, a dry cloth will be all that is needed to remove the dirt. If the grease or stains are ingrained, a plastic scouring pad may be used with washing-up liquid.

To clean the quartz surface more thoroughly our team of professionals have specially formulated a cleaning product designed to remove wine, oil, lemon, felt-tip pens etc from quartz- unlike other cleaning products, which are aggressive and take away the worktop’s sheen.It is better not to use products like wax, sprays or sealants, which can eventually cause the surfaceto lose its sheen due to the effect of such products.